Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

I thank you all for the time and effort you've collectively put into reading my crazed and occasionally passion-filled ramblings regarding technology of any given form and era!

A tip of the hat and a hello to you! My name is >Atrium-sx+ (erm.. it's my Swahili birth name), a Victorian-era shenanigan-peddler with a fond appreciation for computer technology, stunning artistic/visual effects, and anything else that might also be highly-distracting and colorful. At the core of my existence is a constant urge to become lost in the ambiance brought on by music and sleep.

Despite my boasting of multiple findings in the technological realm, I cannot yet guarantee you the world that you live in as at I'm far too over-qualified as a procrastinator. Maybe this will be the only post this domain name will ever see, maybe the domain name will eventually live on through the conspiracy of the insane due to a coincidental anagram of a future domain, or maybe it will become a thriving success so I can quit my job and start collecting Tron memorabilia (only bearing in mind the fact that I've never seen Tron)!

Check in again sometime and you might find yourself in good company!

With the utmost of class,

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